Kickstart Your Next Chapter

You’re here because you’re tired of building someone else’s dream – a client’s, a boss’, a business you don’t own.

You’re here to put an end to selling your time for money, and all of the stress and burnout that come with it.

You’re here to kickstart the next chapter of your life as a Founder-Creator.

As a Founder-Creator, you’ll:

  1. Productize your skills and knowledge

  2. Grow an audience of true fans

  3. Create once and sell forever

  4. Win back time and freedom

  5. Replace your 9-5 with your passive income products

The Passive Income Bootcamp will give you the structure and support needed to create your first passive income product:

  • Self-paced online course

  • Email-based course

  • Newsletter

  • Swipe files

  • Templates

  • Toolkit

  • Scripts

  • Ebook

Ready to build your dream? Apply now for the June 2024 cohort.

Space limited to 10 spots.

Who is this for?

The Passive Income Bootcamp is for current and aspiring entrepreneurs excited to become Founder-Creators:

  • Business owners hoping to expand audience & diversify revenue

  • Entrepreneurs interested in leveraging the creator economy

  • Service providers looking to productize their services

  • Full-timers wanting to start a side hustle

You’re ready but you need help building the right product the right way.

Who is this NOT for?

You shouldn’t apply if you:

  • Can’t commit the time. Below is an outline of the work and timing. You will 100% have plenty of time to work your day job. But if you can’t commit to the outline below, consider applying later.

  • Are looking to outsource the work. The bootcamp provides you with the systems, tools, and coaching to launch. If you’d like done-for-you support, email me: [email protected]

  • Expect overnight success. You’ll be blown away by the progress you make. But once you launch, there will still be work ahead to grow your audience and income.

How it Works

The Passive Income Bootcamp is 6 weeks long.

We’ll start with your fuzzy ideas, choose the right one, and launch it into your online business (includes launch guarantee)

Each week has 4 formats:

  1. 1:1 Coaching: Synchronous meetings to exchange ideas and discuss upcoming work.

  2. Individual Work: Your weekly assignments to complete on your own.

  3. Asynchronous Reviews: You’ll recap your work. I’ll share ideas, questions, and feedback.

  4. Peer Support: If available and applicable, I may invite friends, advisors, partners, and other PRO community members to get involved.

You also get:

✅ Unlimited emails/DMs with me

✅ Lifetime access to my frameworks & tools

✅ Access to all of my events, trainings, and webinars

Your commitments:
  • Expect to spend 4-6 hours per week

  • 1-2 of those hours will be working together

Bootcamp Breakdown

Cohort dates: June 10 - July 19


🎯 Goal: Get settled in and committed

💪 The work: You’ll be provided some pre-work to do. It will help you get clear on why you’re doing this and what success will look like.

You’ll also receive course specifics to that you’re fully-prepared to kick off.

✅ Milestones:

  • Pre-work completed

  • Onboarding completed


🎯 Goal: Choose the right idea to create

💪 The work: Dig through potential opportunities to productize by pinpointing important problems you’re passionate about and primed to solve.

We’ll work together to choose your niche, product ideas, and outcomes that are exciting and viable.

✅ Milestones:

  • Refined list of potential ideas to productize

  • Insights & feedback from your audience

  • Identify your v1 product idea

  • Sketch your go-to-market plan


🎯 Goal: Start building your audience

💪 The work: You’ll lay the groundwork for building awareness, interest, and desire of the problems your product will solve. You’ll additionally refine your product ideas with the provided research systems.

✅ Milestones: 

  • Audience platform identified

  • Social profile created/tuned

  • Content flywheel begun

  • Landing page launched


🎯 Goal: Iterate your product to become launch-ready

💪 The work: During these three weeks, you’ll create your product while sharing your journey with your audience.

We’ll work together on packaging and selling your product.

✅ Milestones:

  • Launched email newsletter

  • Content flywheel builds

  • Product built & tested

  • Sales webinars built


🎯 Goal: Final checks and systems GO!

💪 The work: You’ll use the provided launch checklist to get your product ready to be published and shared with the world.

✅ Milestones:

  • End-to-end product testing completed

  • v1 onboarding sequence created

  • v1 marketing webinar / emails / posts


🤝 Launch Guarantee

If you honor your commitments and haven’t launched by week 6, I’ll continue to work with you at no additional cost until you do.

Join the June 2024 Cohort

To be considered for 1 of the 10 spots, apply today.

Cohort dates: June 10 - July 19
Final day to apply: May 15, 2024

Please only submit your application if you’re serious and committed.


The bootcamp launched in January, 2024. With each cohort, it’s refined and upgraded. The price increases accordingly.

Launch price: $1,500 USD

Cohort 2 price: $2,000 USD 📌 (current price)

Cohort 3 price: $2,500 USD (Jul - Aug)

Cohort 4 price: $3,000 USD (Sep - Oct)

Cohort 5 price: $3,500 USD (Nov - Dec)

Final price: $4,500 USD (2025)

Your Coach

I’m Jay Melone. I’m the Founder-Creator of Passive Profits. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 14 years. Between 2010-2023, I built a consulting business that sold to Google, Amazon, Ford, Home Depot, Rosetta Stone, Intuit, P&G, Verizon, and dozens of others.

But I began burning out from the incessant hustle to pitch and sell. In 2019, I began productizing our services into low-cost online courses, templates, toolkits, and ebooks that were packed with value.

As prospective customers discovered the products, their awareness and trust in our expertise grew. These products not only generated new & passive income streams totaling $80,000 USD, they generated over $800,000 USD in premium services.

After achieving this success in my own business, I decided to make it my mission to help other busy, overworked founders achieve the same. That mission led me to start Passive Profits.

This bootcamp is my most hands-on, comprehensive way of supporting current and aspiring founders, like you.

I’m excited to help you build your dream business. Let’s do this.


Jay Melone
Passive Profits