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“Man, this newsletter consistently provides inspiring ways to turn your ideas into profitable businesses that you'll enjoy working on day-in and day-out. I've recommended it to each of my entrepreneurial friends. They all absolutely love it!”

Joe Caiola

“I've been curious about launching my own digital product for passive income. The 'how' always eluded me until this newsletter. Jay's playbooks take you from concept to market. They're not only understandable but motivating! Each edition feels like my personal coach!”

Tanya Coller

“The Passive Profits newsletter has been an incredible source of inspiration for me. I have diligently followed every issues since its inception. Each edition pushes me to new understandings and exciting realizations about earning passive income!”

Elena Leonova

“As a founder, it can be easy to lose sight of innovating on my business model. Jay's newsletter is a welcomed dose of provocation each week. He helps me zoom out and think about new ways to market and grow. All done with humility, humor, and vulnerability - and that's not easy to find these days.”

Andy Hagerman

“This newsletter is loaded with value! I've gained clarity on what to build to earn passive income and the steps to do it. Short of hiring Jay to do it for me, he's gotten me 90% of the way there. Highly recommend subscribing.”

Nick Saway

“Passive Profits has been such an inspiration for me. Thank you wholeheartedly for sharing your valuable content and building trust within your followers base. You are rocking it!”

Janine Videva

“This newsletter feels as if it was written for me. Jay's experience and genuine approach to generating passive income and building online businesses are always exactly what I need. I find myself anxiously awaiting these emails each week.”

Armaan Huq

“Just want to drop a note that I love this newsletter! Very actionable advice. I always wished I had an experienced creator help me crack the bits and pieces. It feels like that I have that now. Thanks, Jay!”

Büsra Coskuner

“What sets Passive Profits apart are the actionable insights. Jay generously shares his expertise through practical tips I've successfully applied. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn how to monetize their expertise and earn passive income.”

Joshua Fryszer

“I subscribed to Jay's newsletter 4 months ago and have read every post since then. It's one of the very few that I can't wait to open. He provides so much value! I highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn how to earn supplemental income.”

Dana Daskalova

“Jay's newsletter provides a refreshingly honest and useful perspective of what it takes to build an online business that generates passive income. Always enjoyable and actionable.”

Dan Morris