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🌲 Welcome to Passive Profits! The mission here is to help current & aspiring founders win back time & freedom by productizing your expertise into offers you build once and sell forever.

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Hey founder 👋🏼

If this is your first Sunday issue, welcome. All previous issues are here for you.

In the last two issues, I shared my monetization plans for Passive Profits. The sales channels I’ll build and projected revenue for each, with the goal of earning $100,000 in year one.

Those two issues gelled my high-altitude business plan. Over the next several issues, we’re going levels deeper. From business plan to project plan, and all of the work involved.

I’ll be an open book with what I’m building, how I’m doing it, and how it’s going.

I’ll share everything I’d want to know about:

  • Growing and monetizing a newsletter

  • Hosting challenges to grow your audience

  • Using social and webinars to build your funnel

  • Expanding your reach with brand partnerships

  • Building and selling an email-based course

  • Building and selling a high-ticket program

  • Connecting it all into a viral flywheel

Continue following along with the newsletter issues to learn + build with me.

To launch the webinars and everything else bulleted above, I’ve got a shitload of work to do. That’s a technical unit of measurement where I’m from.

It’s time to wrangle my priorities.

If you don’t get this movie reference, we can’t be friends

Yes or no?

Since launching Passive Profits in October, I’ve been saying ‘yes’ to lots of ideas, experiments, and rabbit holes. All well and good at the start of any venture.

But now it’s time to execute. And so I need to start being more strategic with what I say ‘yes’ to.

I remember one powerful question a business coach used to ask me: If you’re saying ‘yes’ to this, what will you need to say ‘no’ to?”

Activities like this provide helpful constraints. They help you focus on the urgent and important by turning the volume down on everything else.


If everything’s a priority, then nothing’s a priority.

Frank Sonnenburg

So to prioritize Passive Profits’ 2024 needle-movers, I spent this week building my project plan: V1 Launch.

Mapping out my V1 Launch

The pre-work to building my project plan happened the past two weeks, while laying out my business plans — all shared publicly in the last two newsletter issues (here and here).

In particular, I showed you how I plan to earn ~$60,000 from courses and bootcamps.

For example, remember this?

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