Building an email list? (I hope so)

Building an audience on LinkedIn? (the social platform with most ROI)


Iโ€™ll teach you LinkedInโ€™s biggest growth lever thatโ€™s:

โœ… โ€‹ Growing 300% every year (but currently only used by 0.014% of users)
โœ… Enables you to reach 100% of your LinkedIn subscribers
โœ… โ€‹ Increases your average post impression by over 400%
โœ… Extends your LI content to Google search results
โœ… โ€‹ Organically grows your email list

โ€‹Without spending any additional time creating more content.

The overlooked growth lever? A LinkedIn Newsletter.

Iโ€™ll teach you the LinkedIn Newsletter Slingshot method so you can:

  1. Build your audience

  2. Develop your personal brand

  3. Improve your content reach

  4. Grow your email list

It gets betterโ€ฆ

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