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In 2017, I was seven years into operating a 35-person digital agency called New Haircut. We had been squeaking by on razor thin margins since day one. Never more than 90 days out from having to close our doors.

Maybe I picked the wrong business. But I kept at it, tirelessly.

Mostly, I sat stuck in the hamster wheel of sell, fulfill, repeat. No time for anything else - family, fun, nothing. My sleep was in the toilet. I barely saw my kids. This was NOT the vision I had when deciding to go into business for myself.

New Haircut had become a shitty, self-imposed job.

I was making a quarter of peers in corporate America with triple the stress. At the end of 2015, approaching full-on burnout, my 24/7 work routine landed me a divorce.

Living the dream, right?

It’s a tough story and there is a happy ending. But it’s also the right place for us to begin… the hard reality of trying to grow a service business.

I get it. I know the struggle. I know the risk of trying new things that might affect your family, your team, and their families. I know what’s at stake.

If this all resonates, you’ll want to consider sticking around. Here’s why…

By 2021 New Haircut had transformed into a service business fueled by digital products, experiencing profit growth of 1,353%.

~$80,000 in digital product sales

Nearly $80,000 from 3-figure toolkits, courses, and ebooks. Crazy, right?

It gets better…

Those digital products drove over $800,000 in up-sells:

This is how you put passive income to work for you.

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