How to Run Webinars That Convert

🌲 5 elements of EVERY successful webinar...

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Hey founder,

Last Sunday, we talked about webinars that suck. Today, we’re getting to the good stuff. We’ll cover specific tactics for running successful webinars where attendees:

  • feel informed, entertained, or both

  • feel heard and seen

  • engage

  • convert

To do that, there are five elements to weave into your webinars:

  1. Set the table

  2. Tell one story

  3. Teach one thing

  4. Make it interactive

  5. Help with the next step

Let’s review each one so that you leave feeling informed, entertained, or both. (see what I did there?)

1️⃣ I got to sharpen my webinar chops during some webinars I ran to teach how to grow your email list with LinkedIn. Here’s the replay (+free guide).

2️⃣ Everyone attending Friday’s webinar found out about the tool I’m building to help you earn multiple income streams from your existing expertise.

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