Use LinkedIn to GROW Your Newsletter

Email remains the undisputed champ for building business relationships.

But growing a newsletter โ€” where you earn the right to drop your offers in peopleโ€™s inboxes โ€” is a long game.

The most successful Founder-Creators use social media to grow, faster.

And when it comes to effectiveness (especially B2B), LinkedIn outshines X/Twitter, Insta, Meta, and TikTok.

But LinkedIn can become a blackhole of:

โŒ Posting every single day
โŒ Creating endless carousels and polls
โŒ Being the first to comment on influencer posts
โŒ Contributing to collaborative articles in hopes of Top Voice badges

All good practices.

But that content only reaches 10-20% of your LinkedIn network.

I followed this playbook for years. I grew my network to 10,000 followers. But I burned myself out in the process.

Worst of all, very few followers bought from me. And collecting followers who never buy is good for building your ego, not your business.

So I figured out a way to spend less time on LinkedIn while:

โœ… Demonstrating my thought leadership
โœ… Developing my personal brand
โœ… Expanding my audience
โœ… Growing my email list

And Iโ€™m going to show you how to do the same.

Come learn how to:

  1. Unlock LinkedInโ€™s most overlooked growth lever

  2. Deepen your LinkedIn relationships

  3. Grow your email list

Without spending any time creating more content.

Without spending any money on paid acquisition.

Iโ€™ll show you the simple steps Iโ€™m using to accelerate my newsletter growth by 20%.

What youโ€™ll get

Youโ€™ll leave this 1-hour session with:

๐Ÿ’Ž Specific steps to implement the strategy on your own, in <1 hour

๐Ÿ’Ž Big discounts to my favorite email service provider

๐Ÿ’Ž Free entry in the newsletter growth challenge (+rewards for the winner)

Iโ€™ll be a complete open book. With lots of time for Q&A.

What will it cost?

LinkedIn Growth Strategists charge $500+ for comparable workshops.

This one is 100% free.

Candidly, Iโ€™ll charge for future sessions. So join while itโ€™s still $0.

Want to grow your newsletter with LinkedIn?

Sign up for my next session on Friday, April 5 @ 12 - 1 PM ET / 9 - 10 AM PT.

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About your host

Iโ€™m Jay Melone, the Founder-Creator of Passive Profits.

Over the past six months of building my newsletter-powered business, Iโ€™ve learned SO MUCH.

Iโ€™ve run lots of experiments to boost the growth of my email list. But few have worked as well as LinkedIn.

Iโ€™m stoked to share this powerful, effective, and organic growth lever with you.

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