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Hey founder 👋🏼

Today, I’m taking a break from the how-to style playbooks, to share a personal story with you.

I bet it sparks something in you to take action…

A few weeks ago, I gave my 13 and 15-year-old sons a project to work on. By the end of the school year their goal is to create a brand that has 300 followers.

The brand could be a:

  • social medial account

  • YouTube channel

  • newsletter

  • podcast

  • store

Or something similar.

My older son, Jason, took immediate action.

Move fast and break things

A few months earlier, Jason had become curious about the stock market. He definitely didn’t get that from me…

Whatever I invest in, inevitably goes belly up. Also, I spent two years working in NYC as a Product Strategist to help traders build a real-time trading platform. Worst job of my life. Anywho…

Jason jumped in by creating a TikTok account that provides practical trading tips to Forex traders. He also sprinkles in motivational posts.

As of today, he has 30 followers. He’s published 20 posts (or do you call them TikToks?!), which means he’s posted ~.8 posts per day. That’s better than my cadence on LinkedIn!

One of his posts has 1,996 views. Another post has 109 likes, and 5 people favorited it.

One person commented, “U actually got useful shit” 😂 🤣

For someone three weeks in, he’s killing it. Not because he hit 10k followers overnight (that’s never the real story). Because he found a topic he’s passionate about, and which other people care about, too.

My younger son, Brody? He’s had the opposite experience so far.

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