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I created this newsletter to start a movement.

A movement that will help millions of business owners earn passive income, grow, and win back time with their families and freedom in their lives.

That’s exactly what I experienced after digitizing my consultancy’s services.

$75,470 in passive income, and climbing.

But here’s the real news:

Those digital products drove $815,266 in sales of my 2-person company’s premium services.

These are the wins you want for your business too, right?

Well that’s my mission… To help you create passive income streams by productizing your skills and services into no-code digital products.

And today’s the day you get started.

Today, I’m announcing free access to the system I used to achieve these results.

Why no-code digital products?

No-code digital products, AKA informational products include offers like online courses, toolkits, templates, ebooks, and newsletters.

They’re simple and inexpensive for you to build and distribute.

They’re also simple and low-risk for your clients to buy.

As clients buy these low-ticket offers, you speed up their time-to-value. In turn, their trust in you and your work builds.

All the while, you’re bringing new revenue into the business.

And if you happen to additionally sell high-ticket consulting or coaching, these revenue-generating digital products help to market those services.

As a result, you’ve transformed your marketing from a cost-center to a profit-center.

You’ve built a growth flywheel.

The best part?

These are marketing assets you own. Unlike ads and social media that you rent.

Of course, this makes sense to you. It sounds promising.

But maybe you’re like me in 2019. You’re worried if you can and should use this kind of growth strategy.

You’re nervous that digital products may cheapen or dilute the value of your core services.

You’re anxious about distracting yourself and your team. How can you justify spending time on 3-figure products instead of your 5 and 6-figure services?

At the same time, your customer needs are evolving. Your competition is innovating. But you remain fixed on the flagship services you’ve always sold.

As a result, your sales stagnate and cashflow slumps.

You can do what you’ve always done in these situations…

Crank up the sales engine to promote your services. Hire a lead gen agency, do a bunch of outreach, pay for ads, churn out content, and tweak your SEO.

That’ll probably work. You’ll close a few deals and throw yourself into fulfillment for several months.

Then what? Start the cycle again?

If it sounds like I’m describing your exact situation, it’s because I’ve been there. So has every other founder reading this with you today.

What I’d like you to consider is that there’s another way to grow your business. A way that won’t dilute the value of your core services, but deepen them.

What’s stopping you is the fear that you might waste time on the wrong things or do it the wrong way.

Get started

What if I could help cut some of that fear and guesswork?

I don’t have a magic wand. But I do have a system that’s worked for me.

What if I showed you that system?

What if I also gave you frameworks + templates to start building your growth flywheels?

That’s what I’ve cooked up inside my upcoming Growth Flywheel Webinar.

1 hour. I’ll share my story and systems with you and 24 other founders.


You’ll learn what it looks like to:

  • Focus on the client problems you’re already solving

  • Innovate new ways to deliver client value, faster

  • Deepen the impact of your core services

  • Start earning revenue at launch

  • Generate passive income

  • Improve CAC and CLV

Without having to invent more hours in the day.

Without taking you away from running your business.

Sound helpful?

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Backoffice brief

A peak into things I’m thinking about and working on…

LinkedIn strategy

I use LinkedIn to help founders discover this newsletter. It’s currently my primary acquisition channel. But that’s hard to do when the algorithm throttles your content. Luckily, I discovered Dana Daskalova. She shares gems about doing LinkedIn the right way.

Challenge challenges

Last week I announced my 30-day Product Launch Challenge. 1 person enrolled. Not great, but expected for a first attempt (see below about repeating yourself).

But I believe in this program. It’s going to provide a ton of value.

So to grow signups, I created the free webinar above. At the end of the webinar, I’ll announce the challenge.

The Webinar is good enough for getting the DIY lone wolf started.

The Challenge is primetime for doing it together, with an engaged cohort.

Here’s the flywheel I’m assembling:

  • Free Webinar drives paid signups for the Challenge ⤵

  • At the end of the challenge, I’ll offer premium 1:1 coaching ⤵

  • I’ll repurpose the insights from the webinar, challenge, and coaching to create valuable newsletter content ⤵

  • Repeat ♻️

Parents = Marketers

Marketers know the importance of repeating themselves. And what’s the one thing parents do more than anything else? Repeat ourselves.

Take this morning. I asked my son, multiple times, if he cleaned his room, including the clothes on his couch…

When in doubt, repeat yourself.

See ya next week!

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