8 sales mistakes I made (part 1)

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Hey founder 👋🏼

In 2021, I hired a sales coach named Amy to help me grow my consulting business.

I hired Amy because our revenue was slumping. If I’m being honest, for over a decade, we failed to hit the numbers we hoped for and believed we could achieve.

Since I “hated sales,” I knew I needed someone objective to help me reframe my mindset and methods.

One of the first things Amy did was audit my past sales calls. She listened for when prospective clients asked about pricing.

I’d whiz through it as quickly as possible. And before the person had a chance to speak, I’d start explaining and justifying. I might even offer them a cheaper alternative.

She called me on it.

I’ll never forget, during one of our coaching calls, she asked: “When it comes time to sell your work, who are you being?”

I thought for a second, “A slimy, desperate used car salesman.”

“Huh!” she continued, “Well that’s something we’ll need to remedy, isn’t it?!”
(said in her lovely British accent)

Years later, I’m still getting comfortable with pricing, marketing, and selling my work. But I can confidently say, I’m light years from the entrepreneur Amy helped to transform.

If selling makes you itchy, today’s post is for you.

I’m sharing 8 sales mistakes I’ve made the past 14 years as an entrepreneur. Many of which you’ve probably struggled with.

I hope they spark a perspective shift, and offer you practical takeaways. Time to start charging what you’re worth, with confidence!

Today’s post covers mistakes 1-5.

In part 2 I cover mistakes 6, 7, and 8.

Here we go.

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