Should YOU Build a Digital Product?

Watch and learn as I build a digital product in public + Use the free tool inside

I thought about taking the week off from publishing. Then a few founders told me how they plan to use the holiday week to tinker on their product ideas. So I decided to publish this edition, with a story + tool that will help those of you using this quiet time to build stuff.

For ten newsletter editions now, I’ve been nudging you to build a digital product to help grow your service business.

💡 Heads up: You can always find past editions here.

Today I’ll show you how to build a digital product. I’ll do that by walking you through the step-by-step process I used to build a digital product for Passive Profits this past week.

I’ll show my work. That way, you’ll gain practical knowledge you can put to use.

I’ll also give you open access to the product I built. It will help you answer one important question: Should YOU build a digital product?

Ready, Freddy?

Drawing inspiration

Since starting the Passive Profits newsletter in October, I’ve focused on writing quality emails each week. Turns out, I’ve written close to 16,000 words already!

As they say, good writing requires good thinking.

With each new newsletter edition, I’m able to:

  • Experiment with writing styles, tones, and formats

  • Build deeper relationships with the community

  • Generate new ideas for my next posts

  • Refine the problems I’m solving

  • Clarify my thinking

Writing also gives me ideas for my own digital products to build.

I mean, what kind of Founder-Creator would I be if all I did was write about how you should build digital products, but not actually build one myself?!

If you’ve been following along, you may have noticed some of my initial product launches:

These are my prototypes. They take my written newsletter content to the next level by forcing me to evolve them into assets you’ll use and appreciate.

Creating prototypes not only helps you solve the right customer problems the right way. They also spark conversations with your audience.

For example, last Saturday I received an email from a member of the Passive Profits community:

This person’s outreach was perfect timing.

I had spent the previous week experimenting with ideas to create a lead magnet that would help grow my subscribers.

One idea was an ebook I’d give away to new members, serving as a comprehensive guide to help them build their first digital product.

But this person’s email provided a helpful perspective shift. Instead of writing more how-to (DIY) content, what if I showed you how I built my own product?

And in super meta fashion, what if the product I built, additionally helped you decide if you should build your own digital product?

🪄 Poof. The Digital Product Analyzer was born.

Here’s what it is and how I built it.

The Digital Product Analyzer

What is it and why am I building it?

The Digital Product Analyzer (DPA for short) helps Founder-Creators answer one question: SHOULD YOU build a digital product?

This is a question many Founder-Creators have shared with me over the past few months.

Before you’ll commit to building a digital product, you want to know if now is the right time. And if you’re positioned well to have success building any digital product.

If I created a tool that helped you answer the “Should I build?” question, you’ll be more willing to continue answering the next questions: “What should I build?” and “How I should I build it?”

This seminal question is not only important to my existing audience, but any founder who’s curious about digital products. And so I could additionally offer this tool to earn their trust and, hopefully, their subscription to my newsletter.

Yes, that makes it a lead magnet.

If lead magnets feel dirty to you, I’m with you. There are plenty bait-and-switch lead magnets in the world. However, I hope to show you how to create a lead magnet that gets people in the door by delivering real value on a real problem.

How does it work?

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