Not the win I expected

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A couple of years ago, while running New Haircut, I chased a contract with a big data analytics company.

I followed the standard blueprint for prospecting, pitching, and proposing my consulting services. After weeks of hustling, I got a meeting with a Director, which led to a second meeting with his boss, a VP.

I was asked to put together a proposal. The follow-up meeting was then rescheduled 3,000 times (give or take).

Several weeks passed until we met. Except, only the Director showed, who didn’t have the authority or budget to hire me. He liked the proposal but needed to present it to his VP and Chief Product Officer.

Can you guess what happened from there?

🦗 🦗 🦗 (crickets)

Days turned into weeks and months. My follow-ups — case studies, testimonials, additional ideas — went unanswered. With each ghosted email, my despair grew… Rejection had become a necessary evil I grew to expect in selling B2B services.

Not the win I expected

Months later, I received a Stripe transaction email. The Director had purchased my toolkit instead of hiring me. While not the outcome I wanted, it validated why I had productized my services into toolkits — self-serve solutions for prospects not ready to hire me, but looking for a quick win.

A year passed. I had put New Haircut on the back burner and was all in on Passive Profits. Out of the blue, the Director emailed. He was recommending me to his colleagues.

His email was swift and powerful, “Connecting you with Jay Melone from New Haircut. I’ve used some of Jay’s tools. They’re top notch. I recommend you discuss your project with him.”

Turns out, after our initial meetings, that Director guy subscribed to my newsletter. When he saw me announce my toolkit for $247, he bought it on his company credit card. No sales meetings, no approvals required.

He wound up getting great results. He shared it internally. Without my knowing or involvement, my toolkit made me a front-runner for all future opportunities.

By the time I met his colleagues, they were already 90% sold. Despite my proposal being 30% higher than other vendors, I won the 6-figure contract.

Looking back, I’d never build another services company without products to open doors, build trust, and drive revenue.

Does that mean you should stop marketing and selling your services? No.

But imagine the difference when you complement your sales hustle with productized services that amplify your value and unlock new revenue streams. 🤯

Your clients win. You win. Your family wins.

If you’ve been hesitant about productizing your services, I hope my story gives you the kick to get going.

Hit reply if you want to talk it through with me. I’m here for you homie.

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