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The weather in New Jersey during June is some of the nicest we get here all year round. Aside from the occasional 90° F and 90% humidity day, the skies are deep blue, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s (23-30 C). Just gorgeous.

Friday morning was one of those perfect days. So I sat down to write this week’s newsletter on my front porch.

It was 7 AM. I pulled up my customer research notes and spreadsheet of productization challenges that subscribers submit during signup — my two go-to sources for sourcing topics you care about reading here.

90 minutes passed of sifting through the data. I hadn’t written a word. I had hundreds of problems in front of me that I could help solve, and questions I could answer, but nothing pulled at me.

I scrolled some more, and there it was. The perfect quote I had jotted down during one of my customer research interviews, “I’m so passionate about [name of her business]… I know remaining consistent is important. But Jesus, I’m exhausted from pushing so hard so long.”

Her words, describing my current feelings. A cold tremble ran through me.

Here I am, leading a mission to help others grow their businesses, without endless hustle and burnout, and I’m doing the exact opposite. I had been hiding behind the excuse that I’m passionate about the work.

I’ve been down this path before. I know if I keep up this incessant pace, I’ll be back in the hospital like this time last year.

I closed my laptop and set it aside. I starred into the endless blue sky. I felt the breeze. I closed my eyes and breathed. Something I hadn’t done in months… Being still. Breathing.

I got up and went for a run.

When I got home, I booked a round of golf for Brody and I. Then I woke him up to a king’s breakfast I’d prepared — french toast, eggs, sausage, protein shake.

We spent the entire morning together. Outside, talking, present, smiling, and off our phones (except for this hot second 👇🏼)

A few hours later, Laura and I went out paddle boarding. I’m not sure how or why, but we were the only two on Lake Como. So peaceful.

We finished the night with dinner on a beach rooftop, watching the sunset. An entire Friday has passed and I hadn’t worked a lick.

But here’s the truth I’m willing to say out loud that others won’t: I missed working.

Did I enjoy the day off? For sure.
Did I need a day away? 1000%

But I also love working. I love creating. I love helping other business owners solve problems that keep them stuck. Problems I’ve solved for myself.

Hustle culture was never the problem

I get that we can hustle too hard, too long. That we can WAY over-index on the guru guidance of showing up everyday. I’ve lived those mis-steps.

But being anti-hustle also isn’t the answer.

You know who’s anti-hustle? The person who:

  • Lacks passion in their profession

  • Never built a business that feeds their family

  • Does work they’re expected to do instead of work they’re meant to do

At certain points in your business’ development, cutting your hustle short can be your worst option.

When you’re filled with passion, you should hustle and follow your energy. Other times, you must hustle…

During the summer, when clients and customers are away and your funnel dries up, scarcity shreds your financial and mental wellness. I’ve been there (many times) and it’s hard.

You find yourself chasing new opportunities to stay above water. Like it or not, your short term reality needs to include some frenetic hustling.

But see, it’s not hustling, in and of itself, to be the problem. The problem is when the only way your business grows is by you grinding it out, endlessly.

I spent over 10 years building a business that way. It was awful. But it led me here, to this mission.

Today, I get to use those experiences to teach you how to create systems that consistently build your value ladder so that your funnel is always full and expanding.

Especially to protect you against the realities of:

  • slow seasons

  • new competition

  • market fluctuations

  • your limited availability

Systems that (eventually) run on autopilot, growing your business while you serve your clients.

Systems you build so that you can step away, enjoy your life, and return with peace of mind… refueled to do the work you love.

If you’re excited to build those systems and grow your business, I can help you.

Hit reply or write me here

I’ll fill you in on the coaching I offer. (in July I have space for 2 more founders)

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